Risk Factors

Risk Factors

  • Had a previous overdose
  • Mixing opioids with alcohol, benzos, and/or cocaine
  • Variation in strength and purity
  • Tolerance changes: not using in awhile, been in treatment, been in jail
  • Using alone
  • Other physical problems such as asthma, weight loss, liver problems (Hepatitis C)

How To Lower Risk Of An Overdose

Individuals Can:

  • Take tester shots, if unsure of purity.
  • Partner up, have someone call you, leave door open, if you use alone.
  • Use less after a period of abstinence; your tolerance is lowered.
  • Avoid mixing alcohol/drugs.

Bystanders, Friends, Family Can:

  • Have them partner up, leave door open, know OD response actions, if someone is using alone
  • Know it can take 1-3 hours for an overdose to occur, check on them
  • If you witness an overdose, call 911, use recovery position, and/or use rescue breathing