What To Do

  • Call 911 for help.
  • Give the address.
  • Tell them, “My friend is unconscious and not breathing,” OR ” My friend overdosed and is not breathing.”
  • You don’t have to say drugs are involved until the ambulance arrives.
  • If you have Narcan, administer it now.
  • Place the person on their side with their hands under their head. (Recovery Position)
  • Try to stay with the person.

While You Wait For The Ambulance

  • Make sure you place the person in the recovery position.
    (On their side with their hands under their head)
  • Do not make them vomit.
  • Check wrist for pulse.
  • Do rescue breathing, if person is not breathing.
An overdose is a medical emergency. Call 911.
Overdose can cause coma and death within a short time.
A medication called Narcan can reverse an overdose and save a life.

Rescue Breathing

Rescue Breathing Photo

When a person totally stops breathing, brain damage or death can occur within 5 minutes.

Overdose Myths

These methods just DON’T work!
  • Placing person in a bath or shower – they could drown
  • Making them vomit – they could choke
  • Leaving them alone – they could stop breathing
  • Placing ice down their pants – cools body even faster, slowing breathing
  • Kicking, slapping too hard – could cause long-term damage
  • Injecting them with anything (saltwater, milk, cocaine)
    – Does not “balance” someone out
    – Wastes time and can cause other problem such as heart attack
    – The more substances in the body the harder to recover/respond